"Personality and Patience"

Grace and Jonah are two people who I have known for a long time. Grace; someone who I was locker neighbors with all throughout high school, a total sweetheart. In my slow photography season (beginning of the calendar year) I put something on social media asking for anyone who wanted to do a creative shoot to contact me so I could keep doing what I love while in the midst of not having many bookings at the time. Grace reached out and was up for anything that would help me out, bless her heart. We planned on several alternative dates, styles, and locations. On the day of we were even redirected due to the original location being closed. We ended up on the side of a stone road (not where either of us had imagined) and it turned out to be a dreamy location. You always bring your true raw self and I love that about shooting you. Thank you for your beautiful patience, personality and willingness to try new things. Grace, you are a blessing.